TROUBLESHOOTING : XenDesktop and Provisioning Services on vSphere 5




I want to preface this post by saying if you are not interested in any backstory just skip down to the summary section for a wrap up…
Coming from a consulting background I learned the hard way that you always have to check the compatibility of all components in a project. Since VMware released vSphere 5 many people found out the hard way that Citrix Provisioning Services (PVS) was not supported on VMware’s latest hypervisor platform. People without in-depth knowledge of the Citrix solution stack may have read XenDesktop 5 was supported on vSphere 5, but in reality that only meant when using Machine Creation Services (MCS).


This forced companies to have to make some hard decisions. You could either go down the route of using MCS with vSphere 5, or go with Provisioning Services on vSphere 4.x. Hopefully most customers consulted with their trusted Citrix advisor prior to making this decision. Even as recently as a few weeks ago the lines were blurred when it came to using PVS with vSphere 5. One of my clients has been having issues with PVS on vSphere 5 for close to two months. Two months ago Citrix flat out did not support this

XenDesktop 5 Setup Wizard with Provisioning Services 5.6




Citrix a mis en ligne un HOTFIX (Hotfix CPVS56SP1E016 - For Citrix Provisioning Services 5.6 SP1) pour PVS 5.6.

Cet HOTFIX apporte la compatibilité du "Setup Wizard" avec XenDesktop 5.



Enjoy !



Je vous confirme le bon bon fonctionnement de l'outil ;-)) Création de 1500 Vm Xp à l'instant.


Vous pouvez retrouver la documentation et le patch dans cette CTX : CTX128726



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