[NUTANIX] - The Definitive Guide to End-User Computing and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Solutions



Briar Suhr and Sachin Chheda have created a fantastic Free resource book for those deploying or planning to deploy VDI solutions. The book covers architecture principles, such as scalability, performance, capacity, monitoring and the creation of building blocks. The authors provide critical insight on the differences between Converged and Hyperconverged architectures,  All-Flash vs. Hybrid, and yet provide detailed information on how to correctly size compute and clusters. Finally, they also cover TCO and ROI of Converged and hyper converged solutions.

[FREE-BOOK] - Hyperconverged Infrastructure Implementation Strategies

Un nouveau FreeBoook est disponible depuis hyperconverged.org ou directement ici.

En résumé ce nouvel ouvrage sur l'hyperconvergence vous permettra :

"This Gorilla Guide on Hyperconverged Infrastructure will be helpful to many organizations.

There is a need for education around what HCI is and what it is not and the Gorilla will not

do your wrong. The Gorilla and the Data Center Zombie should hang out some time!"


En savoir plus sur l'auteur > Scott D. Lowe, vExpert

[NUTANIX] - Citrix XenDesktop on vSphere Reference Architecture

DOWNLOAD [NUTANIX] - Citrix XenDesktop on vSphere Reference Architecture

This document makes recommendations for the design, optimization, and scaling of Citrix XenDesktop deployments on Nutanix.

It shows the scalability of the Nutanix virtual computing platform and provides detailed performance and configuration information about the cluster’s ability to scale when used for XenDesktop deployments.

We used Login VSI to simulate real-world workloads and the conditions of a XenDesktop environment using MCS and PVS on Nutanix. The sizing data and recommendations in this document derive from multiple testing iterations and thorough technical validation.

We completed the solution and testing data with Citrix XenDesktop deployed on VMware vSphere, both running on the Nutanix virtual computing platform.

In a Citrix XenDesktop deployment on Nutanix, desktop user density will be based primarily on the available host CPU resources, not I/O or resource bottlenecks for MCS and PVS deployments on Nutanix. Login VSI Office Worker test results showed that densities of over 120 Office Worker desktops per node (counting four per 2U appliance) are possible. However, most VDI deployments are relevant to the Knowledge Worker category.

The Login VSI Knowledge Worker test demonstrated that this category is capable of accommodating more than 100 desktops per node, including four per 2U appliance.

We determined sizing for the pods after carefully considering performance and after accounting for additional resources for N+1 failover capabilities.

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