Atlantis Integrates with Citrix to Simplify and Drive Down the Cost of Virtual Workspaces

October 25, 2016


Patrick Brennan

In May, Atlantis announced a strategic alliance with Citrix with the mission to remove the complexities and drive down the cost

of virtual workspace deployments. This partnership has enabled Atlantis and Citrix to create new innovative capabilities to simply deliver virtual workspace infrastructure and ensure the best user experience at a lower cost. By blurring the lines between Atlantis powering the infrastructure and Citrix’s orchestration through Citrix Lifecycle Manager, Desktop Studio, and Desktop Director we can provide simple and agile virtual workspaces on a unified management stack delivered on-prem or in the cloud.

With deeper integration from Atlantis and Citrix, administrators will now have greater end-to-end visibility and single pane monitoring with Desktop Director from the infrastructure to the endpoint. Atlantis exposes real time and historical information for alerting and managing potential user experience issues before they occur. As a result, IT organizations will spend less time troubleshooting issues by being better educated with their environment and having proactive management capabilities for minimizing risks. This also enables organizations to learn and understand their environments more clearly for predictable scalability, and making sure users receive a consistent and superior user experience that Atlantis provides without overprovisioning resources. These new features give customers the ability to deploy virtual workspaces at a lower price point with less time spent troubleshooting and wasting potential resources.


Atlantis is also working with Citrix Lifecycle Manager and Studio to allow for easier automated provisioning and management. By automatically provisioning the Citrix components, the difficulty for installation of a virtual workspace is greatly reduced, requiring significantly less expertise and eliminating many adoption challenges. Further, these enhancements would allow for analytics based provisioning with optimal placement based on infrastructure availability and performance, further eliminating the guesswork associated with deployment, delivery, and scaling.

With expanded delivery options into Azure, administrators will be able to provide an elastic deployment model scaling up or down on-demand. By providing a standard platform, administrators can seamlessly transition virtual workspaces across any hardware and geographic location in the data center or cloud.

Atlantis and Citrix are pioneering these technologies to bring all of the benefits of virtual workspaces to every user and adopt the modern end user computing model. With the ongoing and continued collaboration, we believe in our ability to remove the complexities and lower the cost of virtual workspaces so that every user can work from anywhere on any device securely with the best experience.

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