Customers Agree! Citrix Endpoint Management and Microsoft EMS/Intune are Better Together.

According to IDC, over 44% of companies already have some form of Enterprise Mobility Management solution deployed. Many of organizations are deploying Office 365 with Microsoft EMS/Intune as Microsoft EMS/Intune is

the only EMM solution that enable organizations to manage Office apps on a mobile device.

Some of these customers are also finding value in using both Microsoft EMS/Intune and Citrix Endpoint Management.

Here are just a few of the most common use cases for which customers are using Citrix Endpoint Management with Microsoft EMS/Intune:

  • Citrix Secure Mail and Office apps. Many organizations with high security requirements for mobile email, including a leading international law enforcement agency, have adopted Citrix Secure Mail. Citrix Secure Mail doesn’t rely on a cloud proxy for Exchange on-prem, which means data isn’t stored in an insecure manner in the DMZ. Any email data delivered by Citrix is encrypted with Citrix MDX, which provides an additional layer of encryption that isn’t dependent on the device.The Agency needed a solution that allowed users to open Office files attached to their Citrix Secure Mail messages while ensuring that encryption was still enabled. As only Intune can manage Office apps, an integration was required between Citrix Secure Mail and Intune. Citrix worked with Microsoft to embed the EMS SDK into Citrix Secure Mail so that Office files attached to Citrix Secure Mail open securely in the Intune App Protection (MAM) container. While a couple of other EMM vendors also offer this capability, the user experience is not as seamless.
  • Integrated Content Collaboration and Workflow. Other customers, such as a leading healthcare company in North America, needed to ensure the secure delivery of patient, clinical and billing information. They found the answer in the combination of Citrix Secure Mail, Citrix Content Collaboration for secure access to confidential files, and Office 365 for Office mobile apps.
  • Digital transformation with Microsoft Azure and Citrix Workspace. Faced with aging technology that held the organization back, a North American credit union turned to Microsoft and Citrix to help them with their digital transformation. The company decided that a digital workspace delivered in the cloud was the best solution to provide the flexibility they required.By adopting Citrix Workspace Services (including Citrix Endpoint Management) which integrates with Microsoft Azure, the organization now is able to provide its users with access to all their apps (legacy, new, Office). Now IT is able to centrally manage both Citrix Endpoint Management and Intune policies from a common console.


To learn more about how Citrix adds value to Microsoft EMS/Intune, watch this video.

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