How SYSTEMAT keeps its customers productive with ShareFile

Steven Van Uffelen and his company, SYSTEMAT DigitalHub, live to keep customers productive.

A full-service outsourcing company based in Belgium, SYSTEMAT handles all of its customers’ IT needs, including software, services,

and devices. As a Citrix partner for over 10 years, SYSTEMAT has viewed remote access to virtual apps and desktops as a critical component of its value proposition to customers.

Speed is at the heart of productivity for businesses. SYSTEMAT’s customers need fast, reliable access not only to their apps and desktops, but also to their files. While SYSTEMAT has demonstrated expertise delivering solutions through XenApp and XenDesktop, the company sought out a file-sharing solution when customer requests started rolling in.

SYSTEMAT researched the products in the market and spoke to customers that already had file- sharing solutions in place. Most were using consumer-style products or tools that were included in an office productivity bundle they had already purchased.

Evaluating all of the products on the market led SYSTEMAT to a familiar partner — Citrix, and its file sharing solution, ShareFile. SYSTEMAT discovered a few key differentiators with ShareFile that made it the solution of choice for them:

  • Simplified deployments — SYSTEMAT found that other products in the market required extensive customization and development to make them functional in their customers’ environments. “ShareFile can do the job without any additional development,” said Van Uffelen. “It’s a turnkey solution, which is especially great for our customers who are budget conscious.”
  • Storage flexibility — SYSTEMAT’s customers come from a wide range of industries, each bringing a unique set of challenges. While some have embraced the cloud and are storing their ShareFile documents there, others have been hesitant to make the leap. ShareFile empowers partners and customers to store their data on-premises or in the cloud, which has significantly widened its pool of potential customers.
  • Optimized for a virtual environment — With so many of their customers running Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop, SYSTEMAT needed a solution that would work seamlessly in those environments. Unfortunately, many of the competitive solutions the company researched just didn’t work in those environments. Van Uffelen said, “We found that there were significant problems with caching and latency when we tried other products. Using the ShareFile Drive Mapper tool provided the experience and speed that our users expected.”
  • Minimizing storage costs in Exchange — There’s no question about it: businesses need to share large files. The challenge for customers, and for partners like SYSTEMAT, is how to do it in the most efficient way. Many customers still rely on email to share those files, significantly increasing Exchange storage costs when those bulky PowerPoint, video, and graphics-heavy documents sit in Sent folders. With the Outlook plug-in, SYSTEMAT customers are automatically converting large email attachments to secure links, enabling them to save on dedicated Exchange storage.

The benefits of ShareFile paid immediate dividends to one of SYSTEMAT’s customers, a large car repair shop. The shop had a massive file directory structure that contained folders with pictures, insurance documents, invoices, and more. The customer was challenged with duplicate attachments, keeping those documents secure, and minimizing the amount of storage dedicated to Exchange. With ShareFile, SYSTEMAT was able to solve all of those issues for the customer. Additionally, it was so simple to deploy, that “the CEO was able to handle all of the security features on his own,” according to Van Uffelen.

Learn more about Citrix Workspace and Citrix ShareFile.

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