Compute-Based Licensing for Citrix Software ADCs

What’s fun about networking is being able to see the breadth of problems customers are trying to solve. In the move to software, we have heard customers comment:

“I am

running compute-based workloads such as App Firewall or TLS/SSL Offload or DNS load balancing. Bandwidth-based VPX models require that I make manual translations to arrive at the right vCPU performance I need.” (From a network-ops professional)

“I need run multiple small ADCs and map to compute capacity options in the cloud.” (From a DevOps professional)

Cloud-Friendly Licensing

To address these compute-based requirements for Citrix ADC software, Citrix is announcing new virtual CPU (vCPU)-based licensing that applies to both the VPX and CPX. In the simplest terms, this licensing provides the customer with a number of vCPUs that can be shared among Citrix ADC instances. With this new licensing, customers can:

  • Simplify the way they size their ADC requirements for both the cloud and on-premise by focusing on vCPUs.
  • Unlock the capacity of a vCPU as BW limits on the VPX are lifted to much higher levels.

With vCPU subscriptions, customers can purchase a pack of vCPU licenses with a minimum of forty (40) and spin up twenty (20) VPXs each with two (2) vCPUs. It is also possible to spin up different combinations to provide application developers and DevOps team members with the same ADCs powering production applications.

Available later in Q2, this new licensing offers both annual and multi-year terms. We expect customers to deploy vCPU subscription licenses for cloud deployments, especially for applications that are born in the cloud.

Enterprise-Grade ADCs in the Hybrid-Cloud

Customers want consistent user experiences, consistent analytics and the ability to refactor their apps or move their apps with few changes. They want to be able to rely instead on their Citrix Cloud-native ADCs to carry the Layer 7 capabilities they have on-premise. They want Citrix to provide this enterprise grade software ADC. This enables them to maintain their existing security and application policies and operational tooling for troubleshooting and high availability when they move to cloud IaaS, SaaS or managed services platforms.

Citrix ADCs are available in multiple cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer.

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