A Decade of Learning, Networking, and Innovation at Citrix Synergy

It’s hard to believe that Citrix Synergy is upon us again — I am sure the years are getting shorter and shorter (it can’t be that I’m getting older, right? RIGHT?)

I remember my first Synergy at Citrix back in 2008: I was a Systems Engineer and watched from the comfort of my sofa and sat there in awe of what was being shown on stage by Citrix leadership.

A few years later, I was fortunate enough to attend in person and it put a completely different perspective on the event. This time, I sat in the crowd, still mesmerised by what was going on, but finally appreciating the sheer size and scope of Synergy, the energy from our customers and partners, and, of course all of the Citrix employees — Citrites, we’re called. I always use to daydream a little and think to myself, “I wish I could be up there on that stage!”

In 2017, my wish came true, at Citrix Synergy in Orlando, Florida. Again, I was mesmerised; I was able to see the behind-the-scenes work and the sheer effort put in to make the event a success, even before the it begins.

The preparation by Tarkan Kocoglu, Citrix Senior Director of Technical Marketing, and his team in making all of the demos possible and helping the likes of me, as a first-timer on the big stage. You can’t truly appreciate it all until you see what goes on behind those curtains.

So, here we are again, and I have to say I am really excited to show how Citrix Workspace has evolved. As you may recall, we showed Citrix Workspace for the first time last year and I am excited at the progress we have made! I can’t say too much yet, but you may just see a lot of demos of our new experience up on the big stage again in 2018.

Of course it’s not just about the keynote and demos; there are always lots of great sessions from Citrix employees and technology professionals, I will be there again this year and will be presenting with Joe Vaccaro, SYN239: From StoreFront to Citrix Workspace. We’d love it if you joined us!
What are some other sessions I would recommend? Citrix Synergy wouldn’t be complete without a couple from my good friend Christian Reilly — SYN128 & SYN408: Future of Work are a sure bet. Another one worth attending is from my old boss and friend Sridhar Mullapudi: SYN402: Delivering the Next-generation Unified Endpoint Management Experience, as well as SYN100: What’s New in Citrix Cloud Services from my good friends Joe Vaccaro and Modesto Taberes.

For me, I think the best thing about Synergy is the networking. It’s a great time to meet up with those that you don’t often get to see in person. A face-to-face meeting is so much better than a chat in Slack, and it’s a great way to strengthen existing relationships (and build some new ones, too!)

I hope you enjoy Synergy and I hope to see you there in Anaheim.

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