Citrix Service Provider – Deliver ShareFile Service in Minutes!

At Citrix, we are constantly striving to improve the experience for our partners and customers. With this in mind we are happy to announce the release of automated provisioning of ShareFile

accounts for Citrix Service Providers (CSP).

Previously, every time a ShareFile account was sold, Citrix Service Providers had to fill out an online web form with their customers’ information in order to have a ShareFile account provisioned for them. Once the customer account request was submitted, the CSP was forced to wait for their provisioning request to be processed manually. Not only is this provisioning process tedious for the CSP, it also delays the on-boarding of their customer, diminishing their overall experience.

The new automated provisioning through Citrix Cloud will provide more streamlined account management, easy tenant setup, faster time to market, and access to all the ShareFile plan types that CSPs have been accustomed to selling.

In order to utilize this service CSPs need to link or create their ShareFile Partner account with their Citrix Cloud account.  Just click the “Resell ShareFile” tile located in the Citrix Cloud launchpad and follow the steps.

With the ShareFile partner account now linked, CSPs can utilize the Citrix Cloud customer dashboard to manage all of their Citrix customers. This provides an easy one-stop location to manage, service, and report on their customers.

Once the CSP is ready to add ShareFile services to their customer’s account, open the menu to show more actions by clicking on the three dots, choose Add Service, and select ShareFile.

The proceeding screens will ask for the required account information to add the ShareFile service. Follow the prompts for sub-domain, account type, administration, and StorageZone, then click “Finish”

PRESTO! Your customer ShareFile account is created and ready for use.

Now CSPs are able to manage all their customers’ ShareFile accounts, along with others, directly through their Citrix Cloud customer dashboard.

Log in to Citrix Cloud now and provision a ShareFile trial for one of your customers or tenants.

If you’re not already using Citrix Cloud, learn more today or contact or Partner Account Manager today!

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