Q&A with Citrix CSIO, Stan Black: What It Takes To Win The Cybersecurity Professional Of The Year Award

Q: Stan, congrats on winning the cybersecurity professional of the year award! What do you think set you apart from the other candidates?

A: We live in a world where cars

can drive themselves, a robot does your vacuuming, and you can pay for your pizza with Bitcoin. What smartphone your work allows, and where they allow you to do your work from shouldn’t be your biggest problem. Applications and data should be available to you wherever you are, on any device, over any network or cloud. Worrying about whether the device you’re on is compatible with the cloud in which your information is stored is not an everyday Joe/Josephine problem — at least it shouldn’t be. Being able to provide the level of flexibility, choice and simplicity of experience that we offer is I think what puts our organization and solutions ahead of our competitors.

Q: What’s different about Citrix’s security organization that makes us better able to protect ourselves and our customers?

We’ve changed what it means to be in security and IT at Citrix. Those organizations don’t operate in silos here. We’ve combined them to streamline operations and brought the teams together to develop creative solutions to security and IT challenges. We’ve created more opportunity to expand skills sets and drive career progression — that makes happier employees and a more attractive place to work.

Q: Why do you think your team is so successful at stopping or preventing attacks?

We have more than 50 security professionals that are able to protect against old and new threats, stopping more than 56 billion unique events per quarter.

As security initiatives become more essential, we work closely with key stakeholders to implement strategy and process for developing more secure products that reduce IT complexity and help facilitate policies that add visibility to find and stop threats faster. The program we developed is called the Security Ninja Program. Its goal is to unify IT, security, product development, and engineering to deliver secure products more efficiently. Through this program, team members are able to improve awareness and education on the practice of developing software, policies and technology with a constant focus on security during the entire software development life cycle.

There are so many talented security professionals out there and I’m honored be part of such a talented, diverse and accomplished peer group.

Q: You talk a lot about experience. Why do you think Citrix provides a better experience for customers?

Our goal is to provide an experience that’s simple to use — intuitive — and secure. Not many companies have hit that sweet spot, it’s often security OR simplicity, but not both.

That’s what we’ve changed at Citrix. We offer choice, simplicity and a great user experience. My job as chief security and information officer at Citrix is to make sure you get all the applications and data you need, wherever you are, whatever device you’re on and over any network or cloud that you choose. And to make sure that wherever your data is, it’s secure, and you can access it securely — always. My goal is to make sure all this is done behind the scenes, so you’re not seeing those annoying error pop ups like “device is out of policy” or “location invalid.”

I’m really grateful to have won the Cybersecurity Professional of the Year award from the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards. Cybersecurity is front and center across almost every industry, we’re adapting to new threats by the minute. By focusing on our core principles of experience, choice and simplicity we’re able to securely deliver applications and data to the more than 400,000 organizations and over 100 million users globally of Citrix technology.

For more about our security solutions, visit citrix.com/secure.

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