Knowledge Center Highlights – January 2018

Hello, Citrix community! Welcome to the January 2018 edition of Citrix Knowledge Center Highlights. This is a collection of new and updated articles, trending articles, and other updates from the Citrix

Knowledge Center team.

We have organized these highlights into two main categories:

  • Networking (NetScaler)
  • Application Virtualization and VDI (XenApp, XenDesktop, and XenServer)

From this month, we will be adding a “Trending Tools” section to these posts. This section will include all the popular Tools that are available for download from


Product News

Citrix is pleased to announce the latest GA release of NetScaler & NetScaler MAS 12.0 build 56.20 on Dec 21, 2017. The NetScaler build is available here and NetScaler MAS build can be found here. For the list of feature updates and fixes included in NetScaler 12.0 build 56.20 refer to NetScaler 12.0-56.20 Release Notes and NetScaler MAS 12.0-56.20 Release Notes.

Refer to the following articles which are centered around NetScaler & NetScaler MAS 12.0 build 56.20 enhancements:

New “How Do I” Page for NetScaler Gateway and StoreFront Configuration

NetScaler Gateway and StoreFront interoperability have undergone several improvements in the last few releases which makes it easier than ever to integrate the two. Refer to the NetScaler Gateway & StoreFront Configuration: How Do I? for more information.

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Application Virtualization and VDI (XenApp, XenDesktop, and XenServer)

Trending Issues

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