What does the MobileIron and Google Orbitera partnership mean?

MobileIron and Google Orbitera

This brings us to the MobileIron partnership announced last week.

Orbitera will offer its products bundled with MobileIron, which will take care of securing and managing access to

services as well as provide analytics. Ojas couldn’t share the contractual details, but the idea is that this will be marketed as integrated offering.

Here’s how it will work: When an end customer buys a service from a cloud marketplace, (i.e. from the ISV, operator, distributor, etc., that has itself bought the combined solution from MobileIron and Google Orbitera) MobileIron will spin up in instance of MobileIron Cloud to help manage it. While the Orbitera components will be white labeled, the MobileIron Cloud instance will not be.

The MobileIron Cloud instance will pull the end customer’s relevant license data from Orbitera, and then administrators can see all the service offerings they have purchased, allocate apps, integrate with their identity platform, and see analytics (such as how many users are using which apps at which times, etc.).

How exactly end customers use MobileIron’s services depends on a few factors: Is the customer an enterprise or SMB? Do they have an IDaaS provider, or just AD or another directory? Do they have EMM, and if so, are they a MobileIron customer? There are a lot of ways that this could be consumed—identity providers could be federated, customers could use MobileIron to push client apps, and so on. This will leverage the work that MobileIron has put into MobileIron Access. (Catch up on that here.) MobileIron should have some demos ready around Mobile World Congress, which is in less than a month, so I’ll check back in soon.

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