EMM-managed IoT versus 3-tier IoT

How EMM vendors are addressing IoT

This three-tier IoT versus EMM-managed IoT distinction is exactly how VMware is thinking about it, as Gabe and I learned from Pulse IoT product marketer

target="_blank" href="https://twitter.com/AvantiKenjalkar">Avanti Kenjalkar. AirWatch will cover things that function similar to mobile devices, like Google Glass; VMware’s other efforts like Pulse IoT Center and LIOTA (Little IoT Agent), which are applicable to three-tier scenarios, are in a separate business unit.

In another EMM vendor example, we watched as MobileIron began to evaluate the IoT space, and then settled on EMM-manageable use cases as their target market.

What about the three-tier IoT market? As Rachel Berry explained a few months back, this is a very difficult and competitive space with a lot of players. Dell is making a big push, emphasizing the edge computing and AI/machine learning aspects, in their IQT efforts.

There’s also the question of the IoT “insights” plane (using all the data once it’s collected) versus the infrastructure plane. Again, the distinction is fairly clear. There are a few insights that IT and EUC folks might care about (When is the battery on this device going to fail?), but mostly our job is infrastructure. Insights (How can we make this machine produce more widgets?) are mostly the domain of the business.

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